The image above is one of the beautiful views from Storeli, a farm in Hallingdal, Norway. This site is for the descendants of those who lived on this farm, whether they be in Norway, the United States, or any other country. Cousins, please send us a link to your homepage and we will list it. Further, please join Giants of the Earth Heritage Center if you are a relative for increased access to family related information, pictures, DNA analyses, and events.


If you are a Storlie or related to the Storlies on this site, please email us if you wish to be included on the massive collaborative online Storlie Family Tree. This tree is dedicated to the memory of Pastor Rolf Storlie, who wrote the book Storlies in America. This tree contains thousands of ancestors of most of the inhabitants of Spring Grove, Minnesota dating back to Haraldr harðráði, the great Viking king (St. Olaf's brother) who was killed at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066 when he tried to conquer England. His forces weakened Harold Godwinson's forces, allowing William the Conqueror the possibility of victory that same year.